/ˈbär, sto͞ol astrəˌnôt/

Barstool Astronaut is the moniker of Mike Larson Schneider, a musician & producer based in North Carolina (formerly of Los Angeles and Denver) who blends the sounds and inspirations of ambient, downtempo, and IDM electronic music with the energy and soundcape of post-rock. The instrumentation includes percussion, acoustic and electronic drumming, as well as synthesizers, samples, and piano. 

The sound is dynamic: at times an ambient piece offering solace, while at other times it encompasses energetic and complex rhythms that demand the listener’s attention (often in the same track).  To date, Schneider has created 5 albums and 3 extended plays, the last of which, “Space Tourism”, released on November 15th, 2022.

photo credit: Eduardo Acosta